A 9-year-old superstar-in-training named Skye Dakota Turner met her idol Patti Labelle, and both of their reactions have us in shambles. 

Skye is a little girl with a big voice, and her melodic covers of classic soul songs have not only gained her more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, but also the support of the legend herself, Ms. Patti LaBelle. LaBelle first noticed Skye in June when she posted her singing “If Only You Knew” with the caption “Sing Skye!!! Sing Baby!!! You are awesome.”

The two connected over the phone before, but it wasn’t until last Wednesday that they communicated via Skype. Ms. LaBelle came to BuzzFeed News’ talk show AM to DM and surprised Skye who had the perfect reaction. After the initial shock went away, Skye said to Patti LaBelle, in a very poised manner, “Thank you for bringing your voice with the world.” Patti, looking good as ever, responded with tears and a sea of compliments.

“She’s such an intelligent little girl, and she’s so outgoing,” said Patti of her mini-me. 

She also encouraged Skye to keep singing because she has an amazing voice. Her final request was to meet Skye in person so that she could hug her. It actually can’t get any cuter than that. 

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