A central Las Vegas gay couple was violently attacked in an apparent hate crime, and onlookers reportedly did nothing. 

FOX5 Vegas reports Charles Clements went to pick up his boyfriend, Vincent, following his shift at Walmart last Thursday night. When the two returned to their shared Las Vegas apartment, Clements says two men ambushed Vincent and him, assaulting them so badly they needed hospital attention.

Unbeknownst to the couple, two unidentified individuals were following them home. It wasn't until he went to unlock the apartment that Clements heard someone calling his name.

"I was about to unlock the door, the next thing I hear, he's calling my name," Charles told FOX5. "I come back; I see my boyfriend fighting with the guy."

Vincent told authorities he recognized one of the ambushers as a man who works with him at Walmart. That's how the suspect knew about their relationship.

The altercation carried over from the driveway to their front porch, where Clements says the attackers knocked over a glass table.

"There was a lot of glass on the floor, so the guy came around," Charles recalled. "He picked up the glass. I was like, 'Don’t do that.' And he started stabbing my boyfriend in the back. The guy was kicking him in his ribs."

Clements was struck in the head. He was released from the hospital Friday morning. Via phone, Vincent told FOX5 he was discharged from the hospital Friday night. However, he remains in severe pain. The ambush left Vincent with two broken ribs and a punctured lung.

After the attack, the two men took off.

Clements says neighbors heard the entire altercation, yet no one came to their defense or bothered to contact authorities.

"Neighbors, everybody just looking," he said fighting back his tears. "Nobody called the police."

"It was all about gay bashing," Charles said. "The guy came up to my boyfriend's job, calling him an abomination, calling him fag."

According to the New York Post, the investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made. 

For the time being, Clements' uncle, Anthony, is helping the couple find a new place to live.

A couple of weeks ago, a gay Seattle man was targeted in a hate crime after he posted photos online with his lover. 

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