Lebron has Nike. Curry reps Under Armor. And Jordan had and still has, well, Jordan—although in all fairness, his brand is a subsidiary of its parent company, Nike. Is the common thread amongst these three sporting giants clear?

Yes, that very lucrative thread is their endorsements.

All of your favorite athletes have them, and in similar fashion—albeit totally unrelated in terms of their particular field—your favorite politicians do too. Ah yes! This year, in addition to basketball and football, another competitive sport graces our screens in the form of endless debates, rhetoric and scathing Trump sound bites—politics! And as we inch closer to the end of Obama’s presidency, allegiances are beginning to realign in Washington as public and private organization sow their oats and cast support in favor of this year’s crop of presidential contenders.

Here’s a look at the most recent round of major political endorsements:

Hillary Clinton: 

Photo: washingtoncollege
Photo: washington college

Planned Parenthood

United States Black Chambers

Former US Attorney General, Eric Holder

Bernie Sanders: 

Photo: aatp.org
Photo: aatp.org

Former DNC Chairman and Senator, Paul Kirk

The Nation Magazine


Donald Trump:

Photo: Huffington Post
Photo: Huffington Post


Jeb Bush: 

Photo: LinkedIn
Photo: LinkedIn

Former Republican rival, Senator Lindsey Graham

Marco Rubio:

Photo: The Political Insider
Photo: The Political Insider

Iowa Business Leaders

Countless Law Makers