This piece is part of a 28-day series celebrating modern black love among millennials. It was created by Chuck Marcus and Michelle Nance, exclusively distributed by Blavity.

Her: Christine Daniel | 31 | Mental Health Specialist

Him: Brian Daniel | 32 | Electrician

Relationship Status: Married

Christine and Brian were high school juniors when Brian approached her asked for her name and proceeded to talk and create a friendship. Unlike other high school guys, Brian wasn’t afraid to step up to her and that’s what allowed him to meet the woman who would one day become his wife.

As friends, the two of them attended prom together and continued to maintain a relationship through college years. When Christine returned to their hometown after finishing college in 2010 the couple grew from friends to a committed relationship and are now married residing in Alexandria, VA.

What does black love mean to the black community?

Brian: It’s everything we envision in our minds, from being young and in love to getting married, to having kids and growing old together.

Christine: I believe black love is acceptance. Even though it is not advertised in movies or media, we show that black love can be strong, healthy, and long lasting. Something you can pass on for generations to come

How did you know you were ready to commit?

Brian: When she gave me a ultimatum. [laughs] But seriously, I knew when I remembered what she has shown over the years. She’s seriously had my back through everything. She gave me love and support in my life when I couldn’t rely on anyone, not my even my own mother. In my heart, that’s when I knew I want to spend my life with her.

Christine: When I fell in love and started to consider his needs and not only my own. I do not believe it is hard to commit yourself to one person.

What’s the hardest part about being a millennial in a relationship?

Brian: We are fairly new to our marriage, so far the hardest part is spending more time together due to jobs but we manage to work that out.

Christine: Keeping our relationship private and seeking advice from married couples within our age range. We have married friends, however a lot of people are not staying married so it’s hard to seek the older generation for advice. Also, understanding that people fight and we are not the first or last couple to argue over the small things.

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Chuck Marcus

What representation of a successful couple do you have around you to model after?

Brian: I have no any representation to look towards, so I look to any older people who have been in their marriage for more than 20 years and it’s their first and only marriage.

Christine: I look to friends are family members. Those who are newly married to those who have been in the game for 7 plus years.

If you could describe love in word, what would it be and why?

Brian: Passionate and this is why, like these dudes are passionate about making money and or passionate about their dream, their goals in life, I have that same drive for myself and passion for my wife and desire to add value to my wife’s life.

Christine: Love is patience because you have to have the patience to believe everything will be ok, that nothing will happen over night so putting in that time and work in the relationship to build something even better than what you can image.

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