Neo-Nazi EMT Who Said He Wished Slavery Still Existed Has Finally Been Fired

McNabb commonly labeled his Black patients "dindus," a racist slur that has become a favorite of neo-Nazis.

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| March 12 2019,

10:09 pm

Update (March 12, 2019): Alex McNabb, the co-host of a white supremacist podcast, has been fired from Patrick County, Virginia's Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad. McNabb worked as an EMT.

In November, questions were raised about McNabb's ability to care for all of Patrick County's residents given the views he expressed on a podcast called The Daily Shoah. The former EMT often referred to Black people using racist slurs on the show and once told a story about deriving joy from the pain of a Black boy. CNN reports the Virginia Department of Health concluded its investigation into McNabb in February and decided he'd done nothing wrong and was completely fit for duty.

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Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad's board of directors felt otherwise, however, and voted Sunday to fire McNabb, The Roanoke Times reports.

Wren Williams, the board’s lawyer, said the issue of McNabb's employment was discussed in detail, with many members sharing their feelings about the former EMT's views. 

Williams added that after deliberating and hearing from a second lawyer, the board unanimously decided to fire McNabb "was in the best interest of the squad, which must continue to provide quality care to our residents.” 

McNabb has yet to respond to his termination. He has long held his statements are protected under the First Amendment, and he has denied ever providing discriminatory care.

Original: Alex McNabb is a registered EMT in the state of Virginia. In his spare time, however, McNabb is a white supremacist podcaster who co-hosts the neo-Nazi podcast The Daily Shoah. Because of his racist views, investigations have now opened to determine if McNabb's opinions regularly interfere with his ability to perform his duties as a professional.

On The Daily Shoah, McNabb, 35, regularly makes disparaging comments about marginalized groups. According to Heavy, McNabb and his co-hosts routinely use racist language and "joke" they wish slavery was still around. The podcasters also actively entertain conspiracy theories about Israel. 

According to HuffPost, an anonymous complaint was issued against McNabb on November 26. This prompted an investigation on behalf of the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services. Because the complaint is an "open and active investigation," a spokesman for the state's health department declined to reveal any more details. 

As the investigation continues, McNabb remains employed as an EMT in Patrick County, Virginia. He has not been indicted on any crimes, and authorities said the investigation could last up to 60 days. His continued employment raises a bevy of ethical concerns as to whether someone with such aggressively violent views toward minority communities can make life-and-death decisions with an impartial point of view.

"Anyone who is espousing this type of vitriolic racism on a regular basis -- it casts serious doubts on their ability to provide emergency medical treatment for someone who does not fit their criteria for an ethnostate," Keegan Hankes, senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, explained to HuffPost.

McNabb tweeted a response to a reporter's inquiry about the allegations made against him and stated not only are his employer aware of his views, but he also informed them when he traveled to Charlottesville in 2016 to take part in a violent white nationalist rally.

Dr. Narcan, the alter-ego McNabb referred to in the tweet above, is a fictional character he assumes while he spews his racist opinions on The Daily Shoah

While hosting these segments, he tells his co-hosts anecdotes about his experiences as an EMT. McNabb commonly labels his Black patients as "dindus," a racist slur that has become a favorite of neo-Nazis. 

Heavy reported that since the release of the HuffPost story, McNabb has been chastising the reporter of the article, Christopher Mathias. In a tweet posted on Saturday, McNabb claimed if his employer chooses to fire him, patients will be left on the streets to perish.

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