A Petition To Rename The Street Where Trump Tower Sits After President Obama Has Gained Nearly 100K Supporters

The petition’s organizer said several NYC lawmakers have vowed to pursue the case.

Barack Obama
Photo Credit: Getty Images

| August 14 2019,

2:50 pm

An online petition, which has garnered more than 90,000 signatures by Wednesday, proposes that a stretch of Fifth Avenue be renamed after the 44th commander-in-chief. 

The petition, started last October, has recently gained momentum on social media. 

“The City of Los Angeles recently honored former President Barack Obama by renaming a stretch of the 134 Freeway near Downtown L.A. in his honor,” the petition states. 

Proposal organizers go on to make their case by stating he should be honored for bringing back the economy and ending his eight-year term “scandal-free.” 

Elizabeth Rowin, the 56-year-old mastermind behind the idea, spoke to Newsweek about the new traction it's gained. 

"I honestly started it as a joke...I saw a comedian joke about how it would make Trump so mad if it was named after former President Obama and thought why not," Rowin said. 

Organizers of the petition said they sent the request to Mayor Bill de Blasio along with several New York City council members. Rowin said she received several responses from local lawmakers who’ve vowed to pursue the inquiry. 

One issue that could pose a threat to the request is a condition that states the honoree whom the street is being renamed after must be deceased. However, organizers are hopeful that the laws can “be worked around” considering two streets have been named after Obama in Los Angeles.