A Transgender Woman Was Brutally Assaulted By A Group Of Men In Dallas Before Three Women Came To Her Aid

The incident has not officially been classified as a hate crime.

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| April 15 2019,

6:13 pm

A 29-year-old man in Dallas, Texas, is facing charges of aggravated assault after police say he and several other individuals brutally beat a transgender woman outside an apartment complex on Friday. 

According to WFAA, Muhlaysia Booker was involved in a minor traffic accident which put her in the vicinity of the Royal Crest Apartments. Moments later, she was ambushed in a brutal assault captured on video. In the clip, a horde of people surrounded Booker as a man in a white shirt repeatedly struck her. As the victim remained on the ground, the same man began to kick her. Others appeared also to take jabs at Booker. Eventually, three women helped the 23-year-old off the ground and into safety.

Booker, who said she was called homophobic slurs during the incident, was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries, which include a facial fracture. 

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The victim's family hopes the aggressor is brought to justice for the senseless attack.

"This don't need to happen to nobody else's kid, so we pray that everything comes out justifiable. We know the Lord works in mysterious ways," Muhlaysia's father, Pierre Booker, said in an interview with NBC Dallas Fort-Worth.

Dallas police are looking into whether the assault will be classified as a hate crime. The suspect, Edward Thomas, was identified as the assailant in the video. The police report details he was arrested on Sunday for his actions in the ambush.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings condemned the violence against the LGBTQ community in a statement published Saturday.

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