A new track titled "Poison" with Aaliyah and The Weeknd was released on Friday, and the song has the late singer's fans upset.

Fans were disappointed with the production of the song, citing the mixing of Aaliyah's vocals. 

One person was upset that the song featured an artist the "Rock the Boat" singer never had the chance to meet. 

But another fan was just outright displeased. 

One person, however, seemed to enjoy the song. 

Fans were excited when Aaliyah's full discography was available for streaming, according to Billboard. Empire and Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah's uncle and Blackground Records founder, joined together to place Aaliyah's complete catalog on streaming platforms for the first time this past summer.

An album from the late singer is expected to be released, Hot New Hip Hop reports. Hankerson said that The Weeknd would not be the only musical luminary on the upcoming Aaliyah album. Fans can also anticipate Drake, Future, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg features.