Who Are We?

A collective of writers, filmmakers, film critics and film enthusiasts, led by the site’s founding creator, Tambay A Obenson, all interested in discussing primarily film and filmmakers of the African Diaspora.

Each post is tagged with the name of the author for identification.

We obviously don’t have any official list of rules of conduct around here, assuming that we’re all adults, and we know how to carry ourselves in forums like this one.

However, it’s important to make it clear that, while healthy discussion and debate is welcomed and even encouraged, personal attacks against other readers isn’t, and repeat offenders will likely be blacklisted from the site.

To use boxing terminology – uppercuts, jabs, hooks and such can be expected in a fight; however, the fight still has to be a clean fight, and that’s why there’s a referee in the ring with the fighters, to ensure that each fight remains as dirt-free as possible. So, don’t be like Mike Tyson and bite off pieces of anyone’s ear; no head butts, no hitting below the belt.

You can be as combative as you want to be, but try to stay on whatever topic it is that’s being discussed. Dominating threads with insults, useless posturing and self-aggrandizing dissuades others who actually want to engage in real debate.

So, go ahead and fight as much as you want; but let’s keep those fights clean!