Activist and Vice President of the National Community Alliances for Teach for America Brittany Packnett was honored at the BET Awards with the Shine Your Light Award given to outstanding community activists.

In preparation for the awards show, Packnett, who also served as a member of former President Barack Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force and co-founder of Campaign Zero, which works to end police violence against black people, partnered with BET and Pantene to produce a video about what shining strong means to her:

“I am simply someone who believes we deserve justice and freedom, and I will use every tool I have to get there,” Packnett said in the video. “We have to nurture everything inside people to make sure they reach their potential and reach every opportunity. There are people who think they don’t deserve to shine. They don’t think they can shine. Every single time you shine, you give someone permission to shine themselves.”

According to her website, Packnett believes that freedom is just within sight, and love is the best tool and power through which justice can be achieved.  

“When we use our power and have it be informed by love than we create the kind of policies, systems and institutions that treat all of us well,” Packnett said.