In a recent red carpet interview, Christopher Meloni admitted he wasn’t too focused on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth ll.

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star was asked by Access Hollywood if he had the chance to tune into the royal funeral like “the rest of the world,” and Meloni’s response indicated he was concerned about more pressing events.

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At the 7:10 mark in the interview, Meloni shook his head at the reporter’s question and responded, “No, I’m more worried about Puerto Rico and other things.”

Meloni’s concern with Puerto Rico is warranted, as millions in the country are currently without water and power due to Hurricane Fiona, Travel Noire reports.

According to The Washington Post, Hurricane Fiona battered parts of Puerto Rico’s south and central mountain regions with over 20 inches of rain.

The hurricane caused flash flooding and mudslides, and it left the island without power. At least four people have been reported dead.

Although the world has been fixated on the queen’s passing and the drama behind the royals, Meloni appeared to be indifferent.

As Blavity previously reported, the Queen passed on Sept. 8 at the age of 96. Her monumental passing left media outlets around the world fixated on the details surrounding her funeral.

According to NPR, there was a 10-day preparation for the Queen’s farewell, titled “Operation London Bridge.” The operation included a total media takeover and precise communication tactics to prepare.

While Meloni missed the funeral, the Los Angeles Times reported that 11.4 million Americans tuned in.

Meloni’s interview clip was posted on Access Hollywood’s TikTok, and most viewers agreed with the actor.