Africa's Youngest Billionaire, Who Was Kidnapped By Masked Gunmen, Has Now Been Found

Mohammed Dewji is said to be worth $1.3 billion.

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| October 22 2018,

2:59 pm

Update (October 21, 2018): Tanzanian billionaire Mohammed Dewji has been found after a 10-day disappearance. CNN reports the 43-year-old was found in the same city, Tanzania's capital Dar es Salaam, where the kidnapping took place. He reappeared Saturday around 3:15 a.m. and is reportedly at home resting and appears to be unharmed, except for rope marks around the hands and legs.

"I thank Allah that I have returned home safely. I thank all my fellow Tanzanians and everyone around the world for their prayers. I thank the authorities of Tanzania, including the police force, for working for my safe return," a Twitter statement said.

Original: Mohammed Dewji is known as Africa's youngest billionaire. At 43 years old, the businessman is said to be worth $1.3 billion. Unfortunately, according to the BBC, Dewji was abducted by masked gunmen Thursday. 

Dewji is known for being both very into fitness and very lax with security. The BBC reports the billionaire often moves around without any guards and doesn't hesitate to drive himself places or to allow people to approach him in public. 

Dar es Salaam police believe Dewji drove himself to a luxury gym early Thursday morning. Eyewitnesses say he was approached by gunmen, at least two of whom were white, who fired shots in the air. The billionaire reportedly put up no resistance and went with the men.

Dewji made his money by expanding his family's business across the continent. The company holds interests in textiles, the energy sector and various food industries. He also spent 10 years as a politician in Tanzania, serving until 2015.

As the only reported billionaire in Tanzania, Dewji is a known celebrity. His already prominent profile grew after he became a major sponsor of one of the country's biggest soccer teams, Simba. The businessman made further waves in 2016 when he vowed to donate at least half of his riches to philanthropic causes, according to Forbes.

So far, three people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping.