Afro-SaxonsFor S&A readers in the UK…

I’ve been informed that the feature documentary, "Afro-Saxons" will screen at the Tricycle Theatre, the Peckhamplex and Regent St Cinema, in London, during the month of October, which begins tomorrow.

In short… Black British filmmakers Rachel Wang and Mark Currie, via their Chocolate Films production company, which they launched years ago to develop and create their own projects, are presenting "Afro-Saxons," which was actually made in 2008, and was their debut feature length documentary, but wasn’t widely-seen.

So I suppose this is a revival or reintroduction of sorts.

"Afro-Saxons" follows four black hair salons from across the UK, as they prepare for the prestigious Black Beauty and Hair Awards. Described as as “a warm inspirational and touching film that delves into the professional and home lives of the stylists while they express themselves with mind-blowing gravity-defying hair designs,” the film reflects the filmmaking team’s work representing a diverse array of peoples and communities who live and work in London.

For screening information, including tickets, visit the websites for whichever of the above 3 theaters you fancy. The filmmakers will be present for Q&As after some screenings.

It’s not a film that’s available here in the USA yet.

Watch the trailer for "Afro-Saxons" below: