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After Spending 50 Years Apart, These Lost Loves Got Married In A Hospital

Jennifer Meyerink and Stephen Walbert are lifelong love goals!

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Love truly does conquer all!

Meet Jennifer Meyerink and Stephen Walbert who have basically lived a life only told through the movies! 

According to the Associated Press, the couple spent a half of century apart after first meeting and falling in love ... only to be reunited after years of searching for one another. This week, in a hospital of all places, they finally married.

Back in 1965, Walbert was an Elvis-record spinning U.S. Navy radio station D.J. and sailor stationed in Trinidad and Tobago. Meyerink was a local woman whose brother worked at Walbert's  base.

Meyerink's brother thought Walbert and his sister might get along, and introduced the two.

They got along, alright.

"That eternal flame turned into a bonfire, and it's still roaring today," said 73-year-old Walbert during the Rochester General Hospital nuptials ceremony filled with family and friends.

"Eternal" is the right word.

Sadly, not after the two had fallen in love, Walbert was transferred back to the United States. In a romantic gesture of epic proportions, Walbert gave his dog tags to Meyerink with the words, "Darling, I'll be back one day for this."

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

Walbert never did make it back. There were no phones back then, and the lovers lost touch. Each eventually married someone else, and started their own families.

Meyerink settled in Ontario, Canada while Walbert made his home in Wisconsin.

After the death of Meyerink's husband, her sister found Walbert via Facebook, who — turns out — was also a widower. The two began chatting via email in 2015, and Walbert moved to Canada to be with Meyerink in March 2016.

"I never stopped loving him. I realized that," said 72-year-old Meyerink.

Walbert was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2016, and has returned to the States for treatment. This time, however, Meyerink wasn't about to be left behind!

She came with him, and they married in Walbert's hospital room.

Photo: Lynne Tseng/Associated Press
Photo: Lynne Tseng/Associated Press

Oh, and those dog tags Walbert gave Meyerink all those years ago? Meyerink kept them, and Walbert wore them during the hospital ceremony. 

One thing is for sure, love has kept him alive and strong. "I haven't given up hope on myself yet," Walbert said. "I never will. But I have her back. And that gives me all the strength I need to get through the rest of my life."

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