As the trial continues for Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, jury members are beginning to view the autopsy reports of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Van Dyke was charged for first-degree murder in connection with the teenager's death. 

In the first days of the trial, jury members viewed footage of Van Dyke shooting and killing McDonald.

According to NBC News, Cook County chief medical examiner Dr. Ponni Arunkumar testified Wednesday stating it was impossible to determine the order of Mcdonald's wounds because both he and Van Dyke were "in constant motion."

A total of 16 shots hit McDoanld. Eight of those shots both entered and exited the teenager's body, which the examiner said resulted in "24 holes."

Among other witnesses who testified Wednesday were the paramedic who brought McDonald to the hospital and the emergency room nurse who took down doctor notes during the teen's examination. Additionally, an Illinois State Police forensics expert confirmed the bullets and shell casings found on the scene were from the same gun. 

During the first two days of the trial, other Chicago police officers on the scene testified, including Van Dyke's partner Joseph Walsh. Walsh was charged with other officers for attempting to cover up the case, the Associated Press reports. 

We'll keep you posted on further updates as they arise. 

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