President Donald Trump's ongoing feud with Representative Frederica Wilson has exploded beyond a mere war of words. Now, some of those who support Trump's side of the story have chimed in, and have made real threats against Wilson's life.

Nearly a week ago, Wilson called out Trump for making insensitive remarks that she said devalued the life and service of fallen soldier U.S. Army Sergeant La David Johnson. When Trump spoke to Johnson's widow after an October 4 ambush in Niger, the president told Myeshia Johnson that "he knew what he signed up for … but when it happens, it hurts anyway." 

Myeshia Johnson, too, has been critical of how the president handled her husband's death, speaking out about the matter on Good Morning America.

According to the Miami Herald, Wilson missed 19 votes in Washington D.C. this week, forced to skip work due to the ongoing threats against her life. 

“She’s home,” said Representative Alcee Hastings, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat. “I have not spoken with her about it, but I’ve heard that she’s received substantial death threats and I think she is doing everything she can to ratchet down and let some of us, including me, take over.”

One threat, which surfaced on Facebook, was written by a Chicago area man who called for Wilson to be lynched for daring to challenge Trump.

“Need ten good men to help carry out a lynching,” the post read. “Must have own horse and saddle. Rope will be provided. This congresswomen [sic] is a disgusting pig. Someone should take their boot to her face.”

However, Wilson has not been deterred. Nor have those who are in her corner.

Sorority sisters from her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and fellow members of Congress have come out to support her, according to McClatchy.

In a statement released this week, the AKAs made it clear that they stand with their sister.

"[Wilson] is now undergoing a virulent attack after she revealed comments made by President Trump to the widow," the statement said. "This lawmaker, educator and advocate has been there for so many. Sorors, let us be there for her."

The statement also said that the sorority's 290,000 members stand by Wilson's criticism of Trump. 

On the Hill, lawmakers wore stickers festooned with a red cowboy hat in support of their colleague. 


“Trump calls her wacky, I call him tacky,” Representative Hastings said. “Sanders Huckabee says she’s all hat and no cattle, I say she’s all makeup and no substance. Kelly says she’s an empty barrel, he’s working full barrel for a whole lot of crap including sexual abuse into a stream of lies."

Frustrated with what she suggested was hypocrisy on the part of the Trump administration, Hastings ended by saying, “How dare they go after this woman.”