Album premiere: Danny Atoms empties his soul on his 'Going EP'

This is years in the making

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| November 24 2016,

09:25 am

Photo: Danny Atoms

Danny Atoms' Going EP is a lifetime in the making. The Bronx singer, rapper and producer has been slowly raising the bar on his sound, evolving his music with each iteration. The first single, "Down With The Crew" was produced by Danny himself and aims to be an ear-worming radio romp. The rest of the album is an order of magnitude softer. It allows Danny to stretch the essential aspect of his music: A knack for Jeremih-esque intonation. It elevates the album from simple '00s rap/r&b (as great as that music was) into a modern, emotive sonic buffet.

Going EP only has three producers. Danny, Daeone, and Marx Knox. The three compliment each other, never straying too far out of the pop accessibility of the most touching aspects of the record. But when he does let himself stretch, like on "Beep Me 911" and "Sacrifices," he reaches a depth of feeling that deeply resonates with the fractured identities within all of us.

Check out the album stream below. And, if you love it, go ahead and cop the record on Soundcloud.

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