'Tis truly the American way to attempt to cheapen content made specifically for black people by black people and taint it with white feminism. YouTube personality Nicole Arbour is staying true to the patriotic way with her parody of Childish Gambino's "This Is America" video. 

"This Is America: Women's Edit" looks to address things affecting women such as beauty standards, the pay gap, rape and “titties." While most of these are important topics that affect black women too, "Women's Edit" completely disregards the beautiful subtle symbolism that Gambino executes for a loud and in-your-face approach. 

As one can imagine, well-deserved internet drags have been the general response to the video. Twitter even chose to get Arbour together by pulling out receipts of the self-proclaimed comedian's past displays of racism.

While Arbour is completely out of pocket, what more can be expected from a woman who used the concept of Dear White People, a film and TV series about the layers of racism on American campuses, to make a fat-shaming parody called "Dear Fat People?"

We can only cringe at the thought of what she'll make next. After all, this is America, where unfunny white women are still provided a platform to whitewash black art.