Former Glee star Amber Riley is spilling some throwback tea. The singer/actress was a guest on Showtime’s Ziwe and reflected on her time with former castmate Lea Michele.

Ziwe asked Riley to elaborate on the rumors of Michele’s racist behavior on set. She started her line of questioning by bringing up a quote from an Instagram Live that Riley did in 2020. In the live, Riley claimed she “didn’t think that Michele was racist.”

“Speaking of getting down in the muck, you said that one of your famous co-workers wasn’t racist. Did you mean that she was?” Ziwe asked. 

The 36-year-old “shrieked in Black professionalism” and pulled an Uno-worthy skip-reverse of the question with a classy response: “I don’t know which co-worker you’re talking about. I’ve had so many.”

The host took the chance to remind her and played the clip of Riley’s past conversation.

Not the one to give up, Ziwe continued to nudge Riley for some dirt. “Would you say that your famous co-worker doesn’t see race and is, in fact, rude to all of her coworkers?”

“I would say she says she doesn’t see race, but as we discussed earlier, everyone does,” Riley replied.