It was a family affair during the latest episode of American Idol.

In the episode, fans were introduced to contestant Zaréh, a stylist and Miami native, who just so happens to be the daughter of Season 4 finalist, Nadia Turner. Back in 2005, Turner wowed the judges with her incredible vocals, making it all the way to eighth place that season.

The segment started with Zaréh surprising her mother, who didn’t know she was auditioning for the show, right before she was set to sing for judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

When Zaréh and Nadia arrived at the audition, the former American Idol contestant was blindfolded before host Ryan Seacrest revealed to her where she was.

“Where did you think you were going?” Seacrest asked Turner who shared that she thought she was going to the spa.

When Turner and her daughter walk into the audition, Zaréh reveals to the judges that she’s wearing the same top her mother wore for her Idol audition. Zaréh goes on to perform “Bust Out Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan.

Meanwhile, Turner stands off to the side, marveling at her daughter’s stunning performance as she holds back tears.

Lionel Richie walks over to Turner after the audition, pointing out how proud the singer looked when watching her daughter's performance.

“There’s a word called pride. Mom was blowing up over there,” Richie said.

Katy Perry, who couldn’t fight back tears, goes on to say, “This is the best mother-daughter day ever.” Luke Bryan then comments on how “tremendous” Zaréh audition was.

After receiving a unanimous “yes” from the judges, Zaréh and her mother hug it out and beam with joy as they leave together.

Watch Zaréh's stunning audition below:

Also, check out a Nadia Turner's performance on the show from 2005: