A Black woman who was handcuffed naked inside of her home in a wrongful arrest in 2019 received a multimillion-dollar settlement from the city of Chicago.

Police invaded Anjanette Young's home while looking for a male suspect who they thought lived in her home, as Blavity previously reported. However, the person they were looking for lived in the apartment next door and had been wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Young appeared on CBS Mornings and spoke with co-host Gayle King about the triggering incident, CBS reports.

Young, who was awarded a $2.9 million settlement, said she would have preferred for the officers to be fired. She added that "money did not equate to justice."

"I would have been more satisfied if all 12 officers had gotten fired and I didn't receive a dime," she said. "I tell people that I didn't lose my life that night, but I lost a lot of my life that night."

"I actually thought that if I had done anything different than what I was doing, I would have died that night. They yelled, 'Put your hands up,' and that's what I did. And I stood there in fear and praying and hoping that they would not shoot me," she added.

As police officers raided her home for 40 minutes, Young said she stood in the middle of her living room in "a complete state of undress," handcuffed while in the presence of a dozen male Chicago officers.

"Watching that video is always hard because it just takes me back to that moment," Young said of the body camera footage of the incident. "And one thing that stands out the most to me as I think about this and live through this over the years is how vulnerable I was in that moment."