It happens every year. The clock strikes midnight signaling the start of a new year, and boom — your social media timeline is crawling with the proclamation of “new year, new me.” This online trend has become one of the most common calendar-flipping occurrences. For introverts, the commonality of it all doesn’t resonate nearly as much as the terrifying nature of having to redefine one’s self annually.  

While it’s a catchy phrase to attach to your Happy New Year selfies, do you really need to reinvent yourself every year? LaKeitha Poole, Ph.D., CEO & clinical director of Small Talk Counseling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says not exactly, especially if you’re someone who relies on solitude and routine for your energy expenditure. 

If this sounds like you, here are seven tips for introverts to navigate the new year without the possibility of reinvention, courtesy of Dr. Poole.