An Armored Truck Spilled Thousands Of Dollars On An Atlanta Highway And Drivers Dashed For The Cash

Police are asking motorists to return the cash. Good luck with that.

Photo Credit: Screenshot: WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

| July 12 2019,

3:46 pm

What would you do if you’re just driving home on the highway and all of a sudden it starts raining U.S. dollars? 

That’s exactly what happened when an armored truck’s side door flew open on I-285 just outside Atlanta. The crew told police that an estimated $175,000 was lost. Video shows dozens of drivers pulling over to collect the money, reports iHeartRadio

While it may seem like an instant cash day, The Dunwoody Police Department is requiring individuals to return the funds. 

“The law is the law,” Sergeant Robert Parsons, police spokesperson, said. “You need to turn in the property. It doesn’t belong to you. Reality needs to kick in, and you need to realize this money belongs to someone.”

The department said those who return the cash will not be charged. They also said people should stop returning to see if there’s any money left. 

So far, approximately $4,400 has been returned. One man brought back more than $2,000. 

“There is still a lot of money out there. We are waiting for more people to just come through the door with it but it hasn’t happened yet,” Parsons told The New York Post.