An NBA Player's Dad Has Turned Into A Hilarious Meme And His Son Says 'He's Like That Every Day And All Day'

Don't let the stoic face fool you. Tim Sr. is very proud of his son.

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| December 06 2018,

4:57 pm

The internet got a good laugh from Tim Hardaway Sr.’s stoic face during his namesake’s basketball game, but his son is well-accustomed to his dad’s demeanor.

Hardaway Sr., a former NBA player himself, attracted a lot of attention for his grumpy expression as Knicks player Hardaway Jr. made an impressive shot right before the first-half buzzer during last Tuesday’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

His son isn’t pressed about it, according to the New York Daily News.

“Everybody is reacting to that, but he’s like that every day and all day. Like that doesn’t affect me. I already know how he’s going to react,” Hardaway Jr. said. “He’s been like that since I was in high school and college. He knows it’s a long game; it’s halftime, and he’s hit a bunch of those in his career, so he probably doesn’t even care.”

Hardaway Sr. was a point guard and five-time NBA All-Star who played for several teams during his 17-year career including the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat. He was an assistant coach with the Detroit Pistons until head coach Stan Van Gundy was fired last season, according to The Miami Herald.  

The 26-year-old said his father is the more lenient parent.

“Yeah, but my mom is tougher than that,” he added.

Despite his scowl, Hardaway Sr. is proud of his son.

“When my son plays, I’m very excited,” he said during an episode of the Five Reasons Sports podcast.

“They were shooting 25 percent from the field in the first half," the father continued. "They down 11. He makes a jump shot to cut it within 9, at halftime. Am I supposed to get excited about that? I don’t understand that.”

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