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Angela Bassett's Dermatologist Releases Line Of Skin Care Vitamins

Now we can experience some of that flawless skin for ourselves.

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We've always suspected that Angela Bassett has the key to the fountain of youth, and she and her dermatologist may finally let us in on the secret.

Skin Care Specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm recently launched Skin Food supplements — nutrient-rich skin and health vitamins that help with nourishment and blemishes. The base of the supplement is the super food purslane which has "powerful benefits to skin health. Skin Food supplements prevent wrinkles by protecting and allowing the skin to stay hydrated.

Bassett has graced our TV and movie screens for decades and we never fail to notice her flawless skin and effortless slay. Her talents and ability to steal the scene and wow us are endless, and fans have always raved about her presence on screen and her ageless beauty.

Previously Sturm collaborated with Bassett to create the skincare line Darker Skin Tones for women of color. These products help to reduce inflammation and hyper-pigmentation.

Even though black don't crack, we're all willing to try new regimens and products for skin health, especially if we can possibly reach the level of flawless beauty of Angela Bassett.

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