Angela Simmons sparked a heated discussion on social media after posting a photo of her natural body in a bathing suit unedited.

“Raw no edit . REAL bodies matter and thick thighs save lives lol,” Simmons wrote on Instagram when she posted her photos Sunday.

While some are praising the model for proudly showing off her natural body, others are taking issue with the pictures. A few people showed concern with the lighting of the photo, while others are shaming Simmons for flashing her thickness.

According to Page Six, Simmons showed off her green bikini while modeling for Matte Collection during Miami Swim Week 2022.

Despite receiving backlash for the photos, Simmons has routinely shared pictures of herself in bathing suits, often times including the hashtag “Built Not Bought.”

The 34-year-old has also shared glimpses of her self-love and fitness journey on Instagram, too.