Ah, the group chat. A virtual place of solstice where weekend plans, laughs, gossip and politically in-correctness come together in conversation. A place where shady tweets, hilarious memes and sometimes some hardcore investigating on behalf of your homegirl/homeboy goes down. While the group chat is a great place to have a convo with all your friends at once, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit it can be annoying at times.

In honor of all the times you've wanted to throw the entire chat in rice, here are nine annoyances that go down in the group chat.


1. Being ignored



If you thought being ignored by one person is bad, imagine being ignored by the six plus people in your group chat, who all just so happen to be tweeting at the same very moment


2. That one person who won't scroll up


Yes, the group chat was popping while you were busy doing real work. But what we’re NOT going to do is “recap you.” Scroll up and read, my friend.


3. The person who thinks the group chat is a space for party promotion


"What's the move, bro?" For the millionth time, we're not going out. NONE OF US.


4. Forgetting to turn on "do not disturb” while the group chat is blowing up


 Few things are worse than your phone blowing up only to realize, your boo or new money isn't hitting you up. It's just the damn group chat.

5. When one person randomly changes the topic


If the entire group chat is discussing the state of the world, how Trump is ruining our lives and work stress, now may not be the best time to ask what color you should dye your hair. Just FYI.

6. When one person gets in their feelings about jokes

E! Television

Okay, so catch me on the wrong day and I may break out my Kim Kardashian crying face. But for all of us who may be hit in the chat while we're not in the mood, just remember it's not that deep.


7. Accidentally sending the wrong "pics" to the chat


Let's be real. We've all been busy typing too fast and trying to search for the perfect gif to send the chat before the moment is over and accidentally sent something else. Now whether it's a "special picture" or a screenshot from a different convo, don't panic. Just pray it's a good pic! 

8. The awkward moment when two of your friends are beefing in the chat


When two of your homies are throwing shots at each other that are quickly not seeming like jokes, your best bet is to wait until the beef is over to send a text. Or if you're messy, just gas it up.


9. When the entire group chat decides to cut your ass at the same time


It happens. It's not always jokes, and it's not always funny. Just make mental notes for when it's the next homie's time for the jokes!