A rumor that NBA player Anthony Davis and WNBA player Brittney Griner used to be engaged has resurfaced after

According to Basketball Network, Griner married fellow WNBA star, Glory Johnson in 2015. Shortly after, Griner filed an annulment from Johnson.


That same year, rumors buzzed that Griner began dating the Pelicans player Anthony Davis.

Although the relations between the two basketball stars were kept private, Davis once shared how he felt about his girlfriend at the time, The Sports Rush reports.

“She is everything to me… We have an amazing relationship and have so much in common. We even wear the same size clothes and shoes so sometimes she borrows a shirt or two from me,” Davis said.

The relationship ended quickly without both speaking about why their romance ended.

The exact timeline of Davis’s and Griner’s relationship is unclear, but even before their 2015 rendezvous, the two ballplayers were also rumored to be engaged in 2013.

At that time, Davis denied the engagement rumors on Twitter.

“Whoever made that rumor up about me being engaged is corny. I am NOT engaged people!!” he tweeted in 2013.

Earlier this year, the two-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year was arrested in Russia for carrying cartridges with hashish oil, as Blavity reported.


Since then, Griner has received support from various players in the NBA or celebrities asking for her freedom. Earlier this month, Griner was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Davis hasn’t spoken out much about her situation, which may be due to their past relationship.

The US Government is working on a prisoner exchange program with Russia to get Griner out of prison. There have been several speculations of what will happen with Griner’s release, but nothing has been confirmed.

Many fans have tweeted their confusion about Griner and Davis once being a couple.

“Finding out that Anthony Davis and Brittney Griner dated just confused the hell out of me,” one user tweeted.

“Anthony Davis and Brittney Griner used to be engaged. Wow !” another user tweeted.

“Soooooo were #AnthonyDavis and #BrittneyGriner a thing??? I never heard about the original rumors but I see they are popping back #WNBATwitter #NBATwitter,” one tweet read.

Although these are just rumors, it is an interesting topic of conversation. We hope the WMBA player is safe while being held in Russia and returns home soon!