For a chance at $50,000, tell your fellow business partners to “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

If you’re behind an innovative and scalable for-profit startup and you can run that business out of St. Louis for at least one year, you’re qualified to apply for the Arch Grants Global Startup Competition.

The competition is open to all industries, and is held by Arch Grants, which has funded nearly 100 startups in a variety of industries, including healthcare IT, FinTech and many more.

For teams already based in or able to build and host significant operations in STL, you’re qualified for the grant, which provides equity-free funding for start-ups. But in addition to the grant money, winners will gain access to mentors, supporters, collaborators and tons of other support like pro-bono and discounted services in business areas like legal, marketing, banking, etc.).

That kind of opportunity and support can take a business who has started to put their ideas into motion into another stratosphere business-wise. Although the path of an entrepreneur can feel lonely and uncertain, something like this provides a support system of people who appreciate your hustle and know exactly how to maximize your success.

Arch Grants is also committed to connecting recipients with investors, venture capital firms and private investors in St. Louis. Although the $50k grant is an incredible help, they recognize it can only go so far. If you’re raising money, they are committed to helping you get to resources that can invest in you as well.

For a business that has the potential to make a national or international impact on its respective industry and that wants to be a leader in a growing economy in the midwest, this 12-month program is perfect.

And if you’re asking why a program would be geographically-based like this, the answer is simple — your money goes further in the Midwest and it’s a productive way to bring economic development to the community. Arch Grants believes that bringing in innovative entrepreneurs and startups to the area and supporting them in their growth is a way to invest in the community in a lasting way.

St. Louis is a rising hub for startups, and Arch Grants is helping those who want to grow to make some huge strides. With innovative startups, growing economies and strong communities in mind, this competition aims to benefit the St. Louis area and one lucky and well-deserved winner with this competition.

Sound right up your alley? Apply by May 15th at 11:59 p.m. CST to be entered to win the Arch Grants Global Startup Competition.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Arch Grants.