nullWe could say that Boomerang was Halle Berry’s “coming out” party. Before that, she appeared in Last Boy Scout, and Strictly Business, which she actually starred in, but it wasn’t as widely seen, and as star-studded as Boomerang was. It certainly didn’t have Eddie Murphy in it, who was a proven box office champ by the time it was released in 1992. Nor did it have the Hudlin brothers, Reginald and Warrington behind the camera as director/writer and producer, who were coming off the hit that was the first House Party movie about 2 years prior.

Boomerang went on to gross over $70 million domestic ($112 million in today’s dollars), and $131 million worldwide (or about $210 million adjusted for inflation). Needless to say, it was a hit!

Murphy and Berry might be looking to recreate some of that magic when the pair gets back together on screen, for the first time since Boomerang, over 20 years ago (wow!) in a project titled Miles And Me.
Our friends over at Humor Mill Magazine (who have routinely broken news on Eddie Murphy for as long as I’ve been following them), are reporting that Eddie and Halle are looking to reunite in Miles And Me, although, as they state, details on plot aren’t available yet. But they do add that Laurence Fishburne is also attached to star, with pre-production scheduled to begin later this year.
The project is said to be set up at Paramount Pictures
No word on who might direct.
Assuming this news holds, a feature film starring Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry and Laurence Fishburne will certainly have my curiosity. Is it a drama, a comedy, a rom-com, a thriller, an action movie? We’ll have to wait to find out more… so stay tuned…