Comedian Aries Spears is responding to the people who are bashing him for fat-shaming Lizzo. Spears, who recently appeared on a podcast and said Lizzo “looks like the s**t emoji,” posted a video message to his critics.

“A lot of you women are funny with the critiques,” he said. “I ain’t funny, I’m fat, unattractive, no women wants me. They always try to hurt you with what works for you the most.”

While he has previously admitted that he is out of shape, Spears is taking offense to people questioning his comedic skills.

“I’m 32 years in this game and I ain’t funny?” he said. “Y’all don’t deal in logic and sense. You deal in emotion and anger.”

The comedian urged women to “come with something that’s not subjective.”

“Me being unfunny, unattractive, that’s not a fact,” he said. “That’s subjective.”