A high school senior from Tempe, Arizona, has spurred dialogue across the internet after he said he was suspended for refusing to take off his durag. 

Lawrence Charles attends McClintock High School. On April 11, he was escorted out of the school and later given an in-school suspension (ISS) because he wanted to keep his durag on. According to a report from AJ+, although McClintock's assistant principal is a black woman, she deems durags unnecessary in a college-ready environment. 

"I'm an African-American woman, and I know how they work," Charles loosely quoted the administrator. "You don't need to be wearing your durag at school. I'm trying to make McClintock a college-ready environment, and that starts with not wearing your durag at school."

To Charles, this is a racist explanation.

The idea that durags are somehow gang affiliated is quite problematic given the head garments are predominantly worn by black men. Diversity consultant Dr. David E. Jones adds that young black men have a right to be their authentic selves. 

"The problem in our society is that durags place negative labels and stereotypes predominantly on the black community and black male community. Young black males should be able to wear what they want," Jones said.  

While all of this is true, Charles' story has created conversation about whether he is justified in refusing to take his durag off.