Arkansas Police Officer Caught On Video Seemingly Concocting Reason To Shoot Black Man

Video from the intense interaction went viral due to the officer's treatment of the motorist.

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| June 01 2019,

6:21 pm

A Jonesboro, Arkansas, man is planning to take legal action following a tense encounter with a police officer seemingly attempting to shoot him. 

Officers from the Helena-West Helena Police Department were called out to a local gas station May 26 in response to a loitering call. The victims, Ed Truitt and his cousin, were on the verge of the leaving the gas station when a police squad car blocked in his sedan. Truitt was commanded to vacate the car by officer Terry Daughtery, according to NBC News affiliate WMC. At this point, the motorist began recording the encounter. 

From the moment Truitt exited the car the officer had a gun pointed at him, the video indicated. "Shut your car off," Daughtery said repeatedly. The officer at one point said, "he's got a gun." Truitt kept his hands visible in the air even after the officer told him to turn off his vehicle. 

"I ain't moving my hands, he trying to shoot me," Truitt said. "My hands in the air, my hands in the air."

The welder from Jonesboro told NBC News he did not comply because he felt the officer would fire on him. The safest thing to do was to remain calm and keep his hands up. 

Eventually, the officer placed Truitt in handcuffs. A body cam reportedly caught officers retrieving a gun from the car. The motorist was charged with carrying a weapon, loitering and resisting arrest and failure to comply to a lawful order. However, he was released shortly after his arrest. 

The officer, however, was placed on administrative leave for his actions while an investigation is underway. Helena-West Helena Mayor Kevin Smith said he is glad no one was harmed in the late-May encounter. 

“First, let me say we have heard the concerns that have been expressed in the community, from many perspectives, and will continue to listen. Most importantly, we are all relieved that nobody was seriously harmed this morning.”

Following the life-changing incident, Truitt will pursue legal action. He has recruit attorney Benjamin Crump for the next course of action.