Blavity’s Asking For a Friend is back. The show’s new season, hosted by TV personality and activist Ts Madison, debuted with its first episode on Thursday. In it, Madison talks about the glorification of sugar daddies and sugar mommas, introducing your sexual partner to your kinks and how to use sex toys in the bedroom.

At the top of the episode, Madison and co-host Shekinah Jo told listeners they would discuss “the sweetest taboo.”

“Taboo is something that’s extraordinary,” Madison said. “It’s unorthodox and something [you] ain’t supposed to be doing, but do it anyway.”

She continued, adding that under that umbrella falls “sugar daddies, sugar babies, being a sugar mama, or being a sugar daddy.”


After defining what a sugar mama is, the co-hosts shared their conflicting views on the subject. Shekinah Jo said that she thinks being a sugar mama, sugar baby or sugar daddy is “f**ked up.” Madison disagreed.

“I want a sugar daddy right now,” she confessed.


Shekinah Jo expressed that her issue with sugar daddy relationships is that there’s an undeniably skewed power dynamic, most of the time leaving women the more vulnerable party. Madison thought the opposite was true.

“If you want a sugar daddy, and you really want to be into that, you feel me? Remember, that’s your pussy. He came to you for your pussy,” she preached, adding that it means the partner of the benefactor has “control.”

Later in the episode, Madison gave advice to an anonymous caller, who shared with the host that she was having problems in the bedroom with her partner. The caller told Madison that she wants to introduce her boyfriend to her new kink, but was afraid of being shamed for it.

“I personally think that you should just tie that n***a down to the bed and give him a cap full of Dimetapp honey and knock him out then get on top of him, ride him, blindfold him and choke him a little bit. He’ll come up,” she advised in jest.

She offered her additional advice about embracing her sexual interests.

“We get into these relationships and we get so bound by the teachings that our grandparents and great-grandparents have instilled in us, that we think that having sex is just some regular way,” Madison explained. “It is a new age, and in this new age, you have to be as explorative as possible.”

Madison reminded the caller, “All the things that you want to do, somebody else will.”

Sex expert Goddess Amina joined the episode toward its conclusion, where she opened up about her work and experience being both a “ho and a housewife.”

“I’ve been a sex worker for over 25 years, and I’m on my third husband, so you can be a ho and a housewife if you want to,” she said.

She then showed Madison several sex toys and tantric techniques, mentioning, “The whole body is a sex organ.”


New episodes of Asking For a Friend drop every Thursday on YouTube (video) and in podcast form wherever you download podcasts.

Watch the full episode below: