While wearing the most poppin' fro, Georgia’s Mariah Parker took her oath of office for the state’s District 2 County Commissioner on the steps of City Hall in downtown Athens, Georgia.

Parker, who won by 13 votes, not only had her mother, Mattie Parker, hold The Autobiography of Malcolm X for her swearing-in ceremony but her other hand held a fist in the air. That's unapologetic AF.

The young community activist has big plans to paint the town of Athens more progressively, and says so on her website:

"It's time for a new vision for Athens, one where we finally address the poverty and discrimination that hold our community back." 

The Georgia Alliance for Social Justice posted a photo of Parker being sworn in on Facebook, declaring "This is what America is about to look like." 

We're excited to see what Parker will do to be the change she wants to see in her community.