Artist Sharanda Wilburn joins the list of many Atlanta natives mourning the loss of the city's beloved news anchor Jovita Moore. Moore died in October following her struggle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. She was 54 years old. WSB-TV reports Wilburn painted a portrait in Moore's honor, admitting that while she'd never met Moore, she couldn't help but to shed a few tears after hearing the news. 

Wilburn brought the painting to her home news station, where it was given to Moore's mother and children.

After her passing, many Atlanta residents publicly mourned the loss of the news anchor. Moore had been a part of WSB-TV's news team since 1998. A mural, painted by Jurell Cayetano, was erected in her honor at the top of Georgia’s Own Credit Union the week of her death. The work of art lit up the Atlanta skyline at 450 feet in the air and spanned the length of two basketball courts. 

On Tuesday, Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath recognized Moore's contributions to the city on the House floor, WSB-TV reports.

“Her life was a positive force for good in this world and every evening little girls saw themselves on the television knowing that one day, that they could be the woman that their community trusted at the end of each day,” the representative said. “So while we mourn her death and suffer our heartbreak, I want to take this time to celebrate the life of a woman who always stood steadfast and resolute. Who was classy and consistent in presenting us the facts and the news of the moment.”

Moore started her journalism career in Arkansas in 1990 before moving to Atlanta. She went on to earn multiple Emmy awards and was inducted into the Silver Circle. Following the announcement of her diagnosis, the news anchor shared an update on her health in July, mentioning that she was well cared for within her close community of friends and family. She also urged her fans to make sure they seek help if they feel like something is wrong.

"This journey for me started with an unusual headache, so if something’s not right with you, I urge you to please get yourself checked. Again, thank you for all the love, prayers and support. Keep sending the prayers and positivity my way. Thank you," she said.