Ebony Austin, owner of Nouveau Bar & Grill and Nouveau Creations in College Park, Georgia, is making a big difference. 

As part of her initiative “Grits that Give Back,” Austin donates 100% of proceeds to scholarships for students attending HBCUs. Her mantra in life, “Never tell a child no,” has driven her passion for supporting HBCU students, according to WishTV.

Austin has awarded four Spelman students $5,000 scholarships and partnered with U.S. Foods to alleviate food insecurity at Howard University and Morehouse College. Furthermore, she surprised Michael Wright, a Howard University student on Good Morning America, with a $15,000 scholarship.

According to CW33, through her work, she furnished three families’ townhomes in 2023. She covered their first year’s rent and provided resources for sustainable living. Her four eateries and thriving food truck are expanding to Dallas with Nouveau Noir, a high-end brunch spot she’s opening soon.

“We are so excited about coming to North Dallas,” Austin told CW33. “Not only are we looking forward to helping boost the city’s economy by opening our third location there, but we are eager to pour into the community, which continues to be a huge passion of mine.”

Through her annual Christmas event, Nouveau Bar & Grill has provided more than 5,000 families with ring lights, computers, XBoxes, Playstations, bicycles, dirt bikes, BEATS by DRE headphones, cash, and gift cards.