Atlanta Hawks player Trae Young reacted to a viral moment featuring his ex-girlfriend and her recently drafted boyfriend.

The hilarious moment happened last week during the NFL Draft. Receiver CeeDee Lamb was using someone else’s phone to chat with officials from the Dallas Cowboys while his girlfriend Crymson Rose sat next to him. Rose grabbed his personal phone and attempted to look at something on the screen.

Lamb noticed she was holding the device and snatched it from her.

Viewers were amused by the interaction, and the clip went viral.

Young, Rose’s ex-boo, joined the fun: "Bruh said ‘nahhhh what you doin,’” he tweeted with two laughing emojis.

Lamb and Rose eventually addressed the peanut gallery on their own Twitter pages.

“Y’all really gotta chill wasn’t even like dat,” Lamb said with a thumb’s down emoji.

Rose was more forthcoming with her explanation.

"His agent was FaceTiming him while he was on the phone with the Cowboys, I was doing the GF thing gonna answer it for him,” she said with a laughing emoji. “Sheesh.”

Rose isn’t the only baller girlfriend to go viral following an awkward moment. While newly drafted Tennessee Titan Isaiah Wilson was celebrating his career milestone, his girlfriend appeared and draped her arms around him, per The New York Post. His mama clearly wasn’t feeling the display and yanked ole girl away from her son.

The moment had Twitter in stitches.

Some folks compared the moments. 

Unfortunately, no one from Wilson’s camp has addressed the incident.