The city of Atlanta is expected to pay about $1 million to the family of Wickie Yvonne Bryant. Bryant died alone in an unlit cell in the Atlanta City Detention Center after she was not given her proper medication.

The lawsuit filed against Atlanta accuses the city, detention center officials and others of “deliberate indifference to her serious medical condition.”

Bryant had extremely high blood sugar when she first entered the jail in September of 2015. Prior to her arrest, Bryant had also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She was originally placed in a section of the jail for people with mental health issues.

After she became upset, she was moved to a dark cell where the lights had not functioned for years. As a result it is challenging to monitor inmate's health.

Bryant passed away 29 days later at Atlanta Medical Center.

According to a recent Atlanta-Journal Constitution investigation, Bryant is among at least a dozen diabetics who died of diabetic ketoacidosis in Georgia’s prisons and jails over the last decade. The condition is only fatal when left untreated.

The city failed to train non-medical staff on how to recognize and respond to serious medical conditions linked to high blood sugar, according to the lawsuit filed in 2017. The settlement of $995,000 to her family is expected to be approved.