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Acamea Deadwiler is a former Top 100 Contributor on Yahoo.com, an author, and the creator of the Pick a Post quotes app and online store. Pick a Post offers positive, empowering messages written and developed by Acamea. Her most recent book: Life, Love and the Pursuit Of, explores our universal challenges using personal experience as a guide. Acamea is a music connoisseur, philanthropist, and advocate of "staying ready."

AcameaLD's posts

Why Kanye’s Support Of Trump Should Be Analyzed More Thoughtfully

A few months ago, Kanye West broke the Internet when he unleashed a slew of tweets proclaiming his support for President Trump. Fans, fellow artists and citizens alike were incensed. It wasn’t just that people found out that Kanye is a Trump supporter — after all, this isn't the first time he's alluded to it. It’s that he posted pictures in a MAGA hat and...

Before Posting That Malicious Instagram Comment- Consider Having More Empathy First

Empathy does not require agreement. You can be sensitive to one’s circumstance without approving of or condoning the actions that led to them.  Why then, for many, does disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle or choices seem to all but eliminate the ability or desire to care? Seems we are quicker than ever to mount our high horse and turn our nose down at others when...