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8 photos from Yale's Historic March of Resilience

"We out here. We've been here. We ain't leaving. We are loved." "We out here. We've been here. We ain't leaving. We are loved." On Monday, November 9th, more than 1,200 voices chanted as they crossed Yale's campus. Above the chants of the crowd floated signs in support of students of color and putting demands on the university, which read: Love Women of Color, Support our...

All Lives Matter: Lessons from 19th Century Slave Holders

This, my friends, is for the all the folks who have ever said all lives matter. This is what you sound like. So, all you all lives matter folks, listen up, while poet Anthony McPherson tells you how you're completely missing the point.Dildos en verre

Why do so many people not know the US has bombed its own citizens twice?

I hope that you remember. "1950, Puerto Rico's first major revolution buried beneath a mountain." "1985, Philadelphia police sanctioned a neighborhood of burning row homes." The United States has bombed its own citizens twice. If you didn't know, let it be on the record now. In 1950, the US dropped bombs on the Puerto Rican towns of Jayuya and Utuado. An uprising that ended in...