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Brianna Rhodes Brianna Rhodes

Brianna Rhodes is the branded content writer for Blavity. Feel free to contact her at brianna@blavity.com

Brianna Rhodes's posts

Remembering 1968: AARP In Los Angeles To Hold Town Hall Event Honoring Civil Rights Movement In LA

The year 1968 is one of the most pivotal years in American history. It not only marks the year the world lost Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but it was also when the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was signed into law, which effectively outlawed housing discrimination based on race.Among other issues, the civil rights movement advocated for financial empowerment in the African-American community...

Spring Break Travel Destinations That You Can Get To Using Amtrak

Spring break is around the corner, and now is a good time to start planning with your squad.Some of the best spring break destinations are accessible by train. It will be comfortable with no middle seats and you can enjoy some really cool views, not to mention skipping traffic. You can also enjoy spacious seats, plenty of legroom and even free Wi-Fi on most trains.Whether you are in the...

Why This Entrepreneur Made A Business To Improve The Health Of People In Her Community

Owner Jerri Evans decided to honor her mother’s legacy through her juice bar and cafe’, Turning Natural.Evans is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Southeast D.C. She and her younger brother were raised by a single mom, Annette Turner, who founded and birthed Turning Natural.The juice bar and cafe’ offers healthy food and drink options to customers. Its mission is...