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Brianna Rhodes is the branded content writer for Blavity. Feel free to contact her at brianna@blavity.com

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Izze the Producer Is All About Getting Vocal and Thinks We Should Be, Too

Izze the Producer is used to being vocal, especially when it comes to music. The 25-year-old producer from Newport News, Virginia collaborated with Sprite for the #GetVocal campaign. The goal was to provide people the chance to speak up and be heard in a creative way to have their opinions taken seriously about the political climate in the United States.“It gives them an outlet,...

Entrepreneur Chi Uwazurike Powerfully Explains The Importance Of The Black Vote: ‘Our Future Has To Be Secured’

The political landscape certainly can be shifted by Black politicians, but it takes the realization of potential to make that change.Local Detroit personality, Chi Uwazurike, 27, believes this wholeheartedly, but first we have to acquire the knowledge to know our power.Uwazurike -- whose talents and passions range from fashion design, photography and entrepreneurship -- is dedicated to...

National Caregiving Month: Three Millennials Unpack What Their Reality Is Like As Caregivers For Their Loved Ones

Out of the 40 million adults who act as unpaid caregivers in America, one in four are millennials giving care to family members who are suffering from chronic, disabling or serious health conditions. A family caregiver can be a young adult taking care of a grandparent with a heart condition, a sister caring for a brother with schizophrenia or a parent caring for a child with serious...