Yesterday, the Jamaica Observer published an article announcing that Billboard magazine had named Joss Stone, a British singer most well known for her pop and neo-soul pieces, the “Reggae Artists of the Year.” Over here at Blavity, our writers of Caribbean descent (myself included), had a mess of reactions ranging from confusion to disgust to disappointment. From many of the comments on the attached article and on Twitter following the announcement, most people seem to take issue not only with Stone’s race, but also her contributions to the reggae genre. The article even denotes that one of Billboard’s writers, Steven Horowitz, was not impressed by her ‘reggae experiment’:

“For more than a decade, Joss Stone has been a serial genre-hopper. Switching from R&B to blues, funk to rock, the 28-year-old Brit has powered six albums with soulful vocals beyond her years. The songs are technically impressive, as expected from Stone, but unconvincing.”

While many of us have our reasons for disagreeing with the announcement, we would be willing to take anyoneeee even slightly more qualified for “Reggae Artist of the Year.” Here are some suggestions:

  1. Mavado

    Other notable features from Mavado: “Give it All to Me,” “Caribbean Girls,” “Final Destination”

  2. Vybz Kartel

    Other notable features from Vybz Kartel: “Clarks,” “Love You Enuh,” “Cake Soap,” “Summertime”

  3. J Capri (R.I.P.)

    Other notable J. Capri features: “Whine & Kotch,” “Pull Up to Mi Bumper,” “Boom and Bend Over,” “Luv It”

  4. R. City

    Other notable features from R. City: “Locked Away,” “Losin’ It”

  5. Popcaan

    Other notable features from Popcaan: “Only Man She Want,” “Party Shot,” “Unruly Rave,” “When Mi Party”

  6. Gaza Slim ( aka Vanessa Bling)

    Other notable features from Gaza Slim: “Everything Fi Hold Him,” “Cyaa Do It,” “Independent Ladies,” “Realest Gal”

  7. Konshens

    Other notable features from Konshens: “Gal A Bubble,” “No Hesitation,” “Do Sum’n”

  8. I-Octane

    Other notable features from I-Octane: “Happy Time,” “Love Di Vibes,” “Wine and Jiggle”

  9. Spice

    Other notable features from Spice: “Like A Man,” “The Holiday,” “Cheat on Me”

  10. Ce’Cile

    Other notable features from Ce’cile: “Nah Stress Over Man,” “Hot Like We,” “Goody”

  11. Lady Saw

    Other notable features from Lady Saw: “I’ve Got Your Man,” “Heels On,” “Sycamore Tree”

  12. Christopher Martin

    Other notable features from Christopher Martin: “Cheater’s Prayer,” “Giving It,” “Na Na Na Na”

These are, of course, only a few suggestions from the wide array of talent in the industry.

What about you all? Who would you suggest?