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Chioma Thompson Chioma


Chioma is a 1st Generation Nigerian - American Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. After leaving a Career as a Quantitative Analyst in her Late 20s, Chioma began writing Poems + Songs for other Artists. Her work chronicles her own experiences as a Creative Entrepreneur to express compassion + solidarity regarding the plight of Independent Artists, particularly Artists of Color + underrepresented groups such as LGTBQ, 1st Generation American + Economically Disadvantaged Artists.

Chioma Thompson's posts

Winning Against No Odds: The Myth Of Self-Made Success

"How to be a winner" is a multi-billion dollar industry — a market that was, in fact, created for losers.The formula for self-made success is easy: believe in yourself, make consistent effort, defer all expectation of rewards and focus on being committed to something bigger than yourself. Stay away from anything that adulterates your mental space. Tap into your...

A Message For Women In The Time Of Beyoncé And Cardi B

I wake up every day hearing the media and internet dissect the words, ideas and actions of men in politics, technology and art, while they critique the appearance of women in entertainment.  When we have true equality either:1. The most famous woman in the world will be famous for her mind.2. The most famous man in the world will be running around half naked on a stage, gyrating...