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Chioma Thompson Chioma


Chioma is a 1st Generation Nigerian - American Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. After leaving a Career as a Quantitative Analyst in her Late 20s, Chioma began writing Poems + Songs for other Artists. Her work chronicles her own experiences as a Creative Entrepreneur to express compassion + solidarity regarding the plight of Independent Artists, particularly Artists of Color + underrepresented groups such as LGTBQ, 1st Generation American + Economically Disadvantaged Artists.

Chioma Thompson's posts

How Sustainable Farms Can Vastly Improve The Quality Of Life For People In Africa And The World

In many ways, Lagos, Nigeria, is a microcosm of all the problems we hear about so frequently when we talk about the health of our planet. It is densely populated. There are issues with respect to pollution, food security and access to pipe-borne water. Electricity cuts out intermittently throughout the day. At night, in its many affluent suburbs, the heat of Sub-Saharan...

This Is How I'm Making Sense Of Nipsey Hussle’s Senseless Murder

The recent tragic and untimely death of entertainer, entrepreneur, community activist and investor Ermias Asghedom, known to the world as Nipsey Hussle, ushered in a wave of despair, confusion and anger amongst legions of loyal fans. Many denounced his murder as yet another act of government violence against the community, citing his charitable works and his efforts toward a...

9 Ways to Spot A Toxic Relationship, And Get Out Of It

Do you ever look at the person you love feeling tongue-tied?  Sometimes you feel a gnawing pain in your gut.  Your mind races as your anxiety builds and you are overwhelmed by feelings of disassociation.  "Who is this person?", you wonder.  "How did I end up here?" "Why am I allowing him or her to treat me like this?"  Our...