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Cobretti D. Williams Cobretti D. Williams

Cobretti D. Williams is a traveler, writer, and doctoral student living in Chicago, IL. In addition to his studies in educational policy and leadership, his writings offer critical analysis on politics, culture, and travel. You can find more of his commentary analysis on Instagram and Twitter.

Cobretti D. Williams's posts

Anti Blackness Is On The Rise Globally, Here's Why We Should Be Concerned

The great philosopher Andre 3000 once wore a jumpsuit that said, “Across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why?” Such a simple yet poignant question, and one we must grapple with in contemporary society. Mass racial violence is not new to Black people in the U.S., and as draining as these experiences can be, the threat of anti-blackness does not exist in a vacuum from the...

On 'Beale Street', The Cost Of Protecting Black Men Is Harsh For Black Moms

If Beale Street Could Talk is a beautiful, cinematic ode to Black love in its purest form; powerful, tragic, and triumphant in the way roses grow from concrete. True to the novel, this story aptly depicts the brutal and systemic violence Black families face in the criminal justice system. Though this is an important implication of American history, I could not help but be struck by the...