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DBS DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.

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Black And Broke In America: Lessons From Our Grandmothers

When we can prove that we are capable of taking control of our finances, because we’ve taken control of our lives, not only can we live a more care-free and less stressful life but we also can be in a position to really be a blessing to our families and future generations.To get my mind in the right place and get control of my finances, I looked to my grandmothers as inspiration....

Why Teaching A Child How To Counter Instant Gratification Is Important

When I was a young child, I used to wonder how an ocean liner would fit down my northern New Jersey street because I so often heard my father speak of the day his “ship would come in.” Of course, later I learned this was a figure of speech. But as I grew up, I also observed how my mother was the queen of the store layaway. Today, when I mention this concept to young people...

Black And Broke In America: Taking A Leap Of Faith Off The Debt Tightrope

When we’re in debt, “we walk a tightrope and live in apprehension of impending disaster. It exhausts us. We come to feel defeated and hopeless,” writes Jerrold Mundis, author of How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt and Live Prosperously. It’s true that this is where most of us end up. When I was living in debt, at first, I didn’t mind living the way I...