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DBS DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.

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Here's How Planning For Death Will Help You Live Large

Many of the stresses we have in life we bring upon ourselves – not by what we do but often by what we fail to do. We fail to consider the possibility that life will take a turn we hadn’t anticipated. We fail to recognize that we’re more likely to have a disability before we turn 65, than to die before age 65.I have a personal experience that’s an exception to...

Why Your Finances Should Start With The End In Mind

Before I started talking about financial freedom to members of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, so many were struggling because of debt. I remember one woman whose trouble started with a parking ticket that was less than $20.Because she did not pay the ticket, a warrant was issued for her arrest and her driver’s license and car registration were suspended. One day, she was...

Can Pooling Money Via "Sou-Sous" In The Black Community Give Us The Financial Boost We Need?

Not many of us have heard of Rev. William Washington Browne or Maggie Lena Walker. Browne was an escaped slave, a veteran, a teacher and a minister who was the first black man to charter a bank and sell insurance in America. Walker was a teacher, a social worker and the first woman and black woman to charter a bank and community development organization in America. Both banks began in...