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DK1115 Dominique Kelly

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'Fences' And The Cycle of Black Women's Strength

Although August Wilson's Fences is mostly focused on it's male main character, Troy Maxson's, issues of depression, loneliness (while married to a loving wife), and regret.  I couldn't help but notice the love and unwavering support that his wife Rose gives abundantly to him during each of his trials, tribulations, and achievements. The 2016 film adaptation...

The power of vision boards and accountability

Sweet smells of freshly made waffles, bacon and fried potatoes linger from the cozy third-floor apartment into the hallway greeting each guest at the front door.  As they make the trek up the three flights of stairs, sounds of laughter and the energizing tunes from Solange Knowles' A Seat at the Table are blasting through the air.  Each woman invited to attend our...