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How Jay Z's "Moonlight" Video Tackles Cultural Appropriation Head On

Can we talk about the music video for Jay-Z’s “Moonlight”?“Moonlight” is set in a present-day remake of a Friends episode titled “The One Where No One’s Ready”. In this alternate universe, the characters are portrayed by some of the black Hollywood’s most talented and innovative creators and performers. Lil Rel Howery plays goofball,...

Let’s Stop Tucking Nonsense In At Night

In light of recent events (read: the election, the inauguration, the past few weeks), I think it is abundantly that clear that white entitlement is a bitch. And that it will try to drag us all down into the dirt if it can. I have a couple of thoughts about how we can mitigate this kind of nonsense in future.My black people — we need to stop letting non-black people get away with...

Netflix, Please Hook Us Up With Some Living Single!

In 1993, a show aired that would change the world forever. Because without that show, there would be no Friends. Yup, Friends was a rip-off of an amazing sitcom called Living Single. The premise: a group of six single 20-something friends living in a Brooklyn, navigating the often comical dynamics of love, friendship and being a young professional in the bustle of New York City. Sound...