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Emore Campbell

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26 New Black Authored Books to Add To Your Reading List

Black authorship brought us works like, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Roots, Americanah, Kindred, and If Beale Street Could Talk, to share a black narrative with black people in it, for black people.Jupiter Hammon, broke the seal in 1760, with his poem, An Evening Thought: Salvation By Christ with Penitential Cries. Phyllis Wheatley, the first black published woman, followed in...

Are "Just Walk Out" stores the way of the future & for who?

Amazon just took the convenient store concept to a whole new level on Monday, unveiling its plans to open its new check-out free grocery store Amazon Go in Seattle, Washington.What's Amazon Go? Amazon Go allows customers to simply “Just Walk Out” (no cashiers, no lines, no wait)  using censored technology to charge guests for their purchases upon exit of the...