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Kricel Kricel Francis

I am a stay at home mom with two boys 👶🏽👶🏽under 5. A new lover of coffee ☕️ and enjoys a glass of wine. Learning how to cook while pretending to know fashion. Former elementary teacher and a lover of knowledge. I am a writer👩🏽‍💻, a tech diva and an advocate for social justice

Kricel's posts

If You Don't Understand That Blackface Is Racist, You Don't Deserve To Commemorate Halloween

Excuse me, Megyn Kelly, but are you stuck on naive?On her October 23 show, she asked, “What is racist about blackface on Halloween?”When you're trending on social because you allowed nonsense to escape your mouth. When you can’t gasp her ignorance, and quickly remember she used to work for Fox News, so her falsehood of facts makes sense. But then, you quickly...

If More Doctors Listened, Kira Johnson And Many Other New Black Moms Would Still Be Alive

Attention OBGYN doctors: we need you to listen to Black women's health complaints!Black women should not be dying or denied proper care in a timely matter. Kira Johnson should still be here today, but because no one listened in a timely matter, her life was cut short. Serena Williams was delayed proper care after notifying doctors of her health problem after labor. It’s 2018,...

3 Ways Gerrymandering Affects Your Vote

Do people have a voice in the new political system? Our elected officials represent their community, but with gerrymandering, the officials being elected might not serve the people. Instead, they represent a desire to control power.With the midterm election only a few weeks away, we can have our voices heard at the poll again. But what happens if your community has been lost behind the...